Raised in a family of Jewelers and diamond dealers, Sandra have always been fascinated about how jewels can make women radiant, beautiful and happy.

Going deeper into what brings beauty to the world and persuaded by their close contacts to be Parisian trendsetters, they first dedicated themselves to fashion, creating their own “personal shoppers” company.
After a few years, she decided to apply her sense of beauty to home and interiors. That’s when she decided to become interior designer, working mainly for people in the fashion and beauty industry… A way to keep their roots into the “beauty world”…

And then again, more than 11 years later, Sandra moved from Paris to Hong Kong in 2012.

To write a new chapter…

From there, as a Heavy traveller, she encountered women all around the world in France, London, Italy, Japan, Singapour, Taiwan and US

She watches their styles, understood their beauty rituals and their search off being unique. And that’s how her own first love for jewels came back… With the idea of the representing the women she met, across continents, across generations and above all across their styles, Lorde jewlery was born…

Sandra wanted to make jewels that highly personal that one would wear them all every day, day in and day out.

Lorde jewlery is mixing and matching influences; from classic pieces to Rock and Rolla, from European inspiration to ultra minimalist.
Pick one, two, three. Don’t be afraid on layering different universe to express your unicity.

There is nothing forbidden, no ill association with those delicate and fine jewellery pieces. Lorde jewlery is specialised in playing with shapes, colors and cut of diamonds. White, Fancy yellow, pink, blue or purple, there as many colors as they are shades of love.

The diamonds are coming from different part of the world to bring the purest quality and the best cut. Lorde Jewlery is a real encounter. An encounter that you would want to introduce to your friends, your sisters, your daughters or simply with a gift card…your beloved ones.

As each one of them will find one or much more pieces to adopt…and each woman will create her own style with Lorde Jewlery.

Based in Hong Kong, the online store is shipping worldwide.

Modern & Fine Jewellery